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Obtaining information 01

Through the Internet, media, advertising, magazines about China-jade water filter company and its Alliance policy

Call/information Advisory 02

Interested in joining, by telephone, online consulting, site messages, such as communication with the companies for the first time.

Join 03

With the company's investment staff communications, formally apply to the company to join.

Eligibility and access to information 04

Headquarters joint assessment of applicants, join approved to provide applicants with the appropriate details.

Visit 05

Interested in joining can to huatong company site visits, more about Hua Tong Bao.

Agreements authorized 06

Through their mutual understanding, agree to cooperate, both parties sign the agreement and authorized.

Pre-job training 07

The company provides training for dealers, including product knowledge, sales technician, store management, and so on.

Store location and renovation 08

Dealers go back select shop, the company's dealer store free professional design shop.

Distribution and the opening of the new 09

Headquarters according to the Distributor's requirements, its distribution, new store opening comes as marketing professionals should be sent to the scene to guide the company, provision of planning, promotions, new stores open

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